Monday, 23 July 2012


Sorry I have been M.I.A the past few weeks...I've been away on holidays! Back in town next week and looking forward to catching up/reading all your lovely blog posts!

xx <3

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Beauty Crazed Panasonic Swag

One of my favourite blogs Beauty Crazed, posts  daily beauty reviews (my favourite posts are the reviews done from the perspective of her cat - Marmalade), and often holds bi-weekly contests.... well I won one of those contests! 

I was extremely surprised and thrilled! Not to mention GRATEFUL!

I received:

1) A Panasonic Electronic Body Shaver ($39.99)
2) A Panasonic Electronic Precision Facial Hair Trimmer ($39.99)
3) A Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler ($39.99)
4) Panasonic Replacement Double A Batteries
5) Panasonic Replacement Triple A Batteries

A Closer Look at the Products

1) Body Shaver:

After getting over my fear of electronic shavers, I tried the body shaver to shave my legs, and it wasn't scary at all! It was actually much more gently/softer than shaving with a regular razor! But here is the best part...... NO WATER! It's surprising how many time I realize I forgot to shave my legs when I showered but want to wear a dress/skirt/shorts - this is perfect for those times! Quick and Easy, and way better than a "dry shave" with a normal razor, which leaves your legs prone to razor burn/dryness/itchiness/etc. None of that here!

2) Pecision Facial Hair Trimmer:

This is meant for Facial hair, Nose Hair, Eyebrows. I don't really have the former two, but I tried this on my eyebrows and it did the job. It is just a trimmer they grow back pretty quickly - definitely not as good as tweezing....but if you are scared of that, this is perfect, it's super gently/not painful at all.  Sometimes I get peach-fuzz on my upper lip, so when that happens this will be perfect - as that is an area I definitely would not tweeze!

3) Heated Eyelash Curler:

I have always wanted to try a heated eyelash curler!! To be honest though I have been kind of scared/super rushed in the morning and have not tried it yet :s  I have a date tomorrow though... so I am going to definitely use this then - will report back - with hopefully amazing results ;)


Thank you thank you thank you!

And head over and check out her/their lovely blog :)