Friday, 14 September 2012

John Frieda Samples and Reviews

I don't know what I did to luckily deserve these, but every couple of months John Frieda has been sending me free samples in the mail! I am definitely not complaining!!

Here are the products I have received thus far...

Full Repair Shampoo

 I liked this Shampoo, but I didn't find it did anything special compared the the multitude of other shampoos I buy. I haven't found a "signature" shampoo yet - so I tend to just buy whichever ones happen to be on sale at the moment between the "slightly higher-end" brands.

Full Repair Conditioner
Just like with my shampoos - the same goes for my conditioners - I don't have any loyalty to any one brand. This definitely works as a conditioner, but again, did not wow me enough to start only using this brand.

Full Repair Styling Spray
 Did this "heat protecting" styling spray protect my hair from flat-iron damage? I don't know. But I use my flat-iron so often that I'm willing to fork up some cash for a "heat protector" every now and then.

Frizz Ease Sheer Serum
 This serum is supposed to keep you fly-away-free. I don't see a huge difference, and probably would not purchase this, but maybe that's just because I don't usually have fly-aways to begin with....

Frizz Ease Finishing Creme
 I don't usually wear finishing cream as it tends to leave my hair greasy, but in small amounts, this does seem to give my hair a bit of shine/ease from frizz.

Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight
Did this leave my hair straight for 3 days? definitely not. Can any product that claims to keep your hair straight fulfill those claims? I don't believe so. If you have curly or wavy hair, any way you slice it, humidity/rain/sweat/life is going to catch up with you and your hair will start to curl. This product might have kept my hair straight for an extra 10 min - but eventually, the inevitable happened. No product, despite their lofty claims, can keep your hair straight for 3 days....



  1. I love all the samples I receive from John Frieda

    I got some free hair dye coupons awhile back, which was pretty impressive

  2. Thanks for the product reviews!!! I only go by recommendations when it's something I don't normally use.


  3. I love all John Frieda products whenever I've used them, loving this review!

    Alexandra xo

  4. Great review! I signed up for the John Frieda thing too, but I've never received any samples from them! I actually ended up trying the foam dye and while it was easy to use, I'm not sure the colour held up really well..and I went black!

    1. I am still wayyyy too scared to try store-bought dyes/highlights in a box! Even "temporary wash out" ones :p

    2. I get my husband to do it and he does a good job! It took me YEARS to muster up the courage to do it at home. I did finally go to the salon to get my black done..but only because I wanted red peekaboo as well!


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