Friday, 13 April 2012

Favourites of the Day: April 13th

1. American Apparel Glitter Polish in "Light Year":
This Polish is the perfect glitter top coat. It goes on smoothly and matches almost every colour. I wish I had photos, but alas my camera is on the mend right now. It literally works with almost any colour though (pinks, blues, greens, black, etc.) My only annoyance is that it is a real pain to take off with regular nail-polish remover. If anyone has any reccomendations for removing glitter let me know. I got this with an amazing 5 polishes for 15$ deal - so at $3 it is well worth it.... It retails for about 9$ and is arguably worth that extra $6.

2. Antique Brass Doorknobs/Keyholes:
Stop having a boring Door Knob - Stop having a boring life! Ok, but really, I love these. Considering all the metaphors flowing from opening doors, it makes sense to have a beautiful door-knob/Key-hole to make door-opening a positive experience. I also love the idea as antique door-knobs on the back of a door/wall used for hanging scarves/jewellery/knick-knacks/towels.

 3. Key-Hole Necklaces:
Speaking of Key-holes..... There are so many skeleton-key necklaces around, I think the key-hole necklace is a refreshing and more intricate alternative. I am the uncraftiest person you will meet so I will have to enlist someone to make one of these for me....i.e scour Etsy. If any of you are crafty though, this is an adorable next project!

4. The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery:
I just recently re-read this. Reading this book as an adult is certainly a new (read: heartwarming/enlightening) experience.  You take so much more out of it as an adult with different experiences and understandings of life than you do as a bratty 10 year old. Including all the pictures and it's short length, it can be read in as little as an hour, and it's well worth that time. How can such a short book be filled with so many messages?! I highly recommend this one. Have you read The Little Prince? Did you read it as a child and then go back and read it as an adult?

5. A River Flows In You - Yiruma:
I don't care if you don't like "Classical" music - you will love this song. This is literally one of the most beautiful piano pieces I have ever heard (including the greats like Chopin/Bach/Mozart). I could listen to this on repeat all day. Definitely worth a listen. It's always good to try new things/broaden your horizons, and that holds true for musical genres. Let me know what you think. 

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  1. lovely post! I want to get a cute doorknob now! It is all in the details, isn't it? :)


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