Saturday, 28 April 2012

Out of Reach Favourites of the Day: April 28th

So today I though I'd share some of my favourites that I can't afford to indulge in at the moment  ever. So this is my sort of "if I had a million dollars wishlist of the moment"...

1. Balenciaga Motorcycle Jacket: $2,600:
Ever since I saw Serena in the brown one on Gossip Girl I fell in love. I decided to find out what kind of jacket it was - lucky me, a Balenciaga that costs ~$2,600.  Alas this piece does not live in my closet...likely nor will it ever. That doesn't stop this from being one of my favourite leather jackets of all time....
2. A Beautiful Old Victorian Home: Cost here? Probably close to 6 or 7 million....:
I love love love Victorian style homes. They remind of of fairy tales. Speaking of that Harry Potter in the front yard of this photo? (photo from google). The housing market here has made it pretty clear that I won't be getting one of these any time soon..... I can only hope for a box/shack of an apartment to call my own... What are some of your favourite architectural styles?

3.  A Delicate Spiral Staircase:
Speaking of fairy-tale architecture..... These amaze me. I can only imagine designing/assembling/renovating for one of these would cost an arm and a leg...
4. Hermes Orange H Enamel Bracelet: $610:
Do I have $600? I don't even know if I do. Do I have $600 to spend on a bracelet? Certainly not. I'm not usually one for flaunting around brand names - but this classic looking plain Hermes cuff makes me weak in the knees. There are so many colours - green, blue, pink, black, purple, etc. I love the classic Hermes Orange best though. Too bad it has a Hermes price tag...

5. YSL Oval Arty Rings: $290:
Again, do I have $290 to spend on a ring? Certainly not. I can't get over these though - so pretty. I love the design and love love love all the colours! Any of you who has one...I'm extremely jealous. I love cocktail rings in general, so I love the size of these stones, but I also really like the atypical design.

6. A Walk In Closet the Size of a Living Room:  
Seeing as I can barely afford a room to sleep in..I don't think a room full of clothes/jewellery/shoes/accessories is going to come to fruition any time soon....My closet is overflowing right now I could certainly use one of these! This one is absolutely gorgeous *swoon*

7. Hermes Belt: ~$450-$900 depending on the size/leather:
Just as I covet the Classic Hermes H Bracelet, I covet the Classic Hermes H Belt. Just like the Bracelet, I also don't have the money to lay down on a piece like this right now. I would kill to have this in my wardrobe though!

What are some of your Out of Reach Favourites/ What is on your "If I Had a Million Dollars Wish List" right now?  


  1. Great post!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. That was such a great read! Very entertaining! My out of reach/wish list items would be the entire Sephora store...literally, I would buy everything that was contained within those walls! LOL :D

    1. Why not dream big - how about your own personal Sephora store attached to your house! :P

  3. That walk in closet is amazing... i need one one day. And, I love big victorian houses. One can dream, right?


  4. omg that jacket!!!

    1. I know right?! Just a littttttttle (lot) out of my price range :(


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