Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Liebster Blogger Award

Hi everyone! I just started blogging this month (well I guess now that it's May, technically last month!) so I didn't even know that there were blogger "awards" but I think this is the cutest idea! 
Chelsea at CHELSEA MORGAN BEAUTY gave me this Liebster Award on her blog! She also gave the award to COSMETIC PROOF and CND BEAUTY REVIEWS, two of my other favourite blogs to read :)  Thank you Chelsea! You're the sweetest!


This is an award for newby bloggers like myself - The rules are to pick 5 bloggers who you enjoy reading who have 200 followers or less. To avoid being redundant I'm going to refrain from re-nominating the 3 lovely blogs above! I follow a lot of awesome blogs - so picking 5 was a bit of a tough decision, but here are my choices - all lovely little blogs:

So go check these lovelies out and share the newby blogger love :)


  1. awww,yay!!!! So sweet, thank you!! I'm so honoured! I really enjoy your blog as well!!!

  2. Love your blog too! Congratulations!!

  3. Thanks hun xox :) I really appreciate the recognition!

  4. Congrats on the award, and thanks for the mention! I adore your blog as well <3

  5. THANK YOU!! we are so excited :) SO happy you enjoy!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  6. Great blog! New follower, please follow back. Thanks!



    1. Thank you, and of course! :)

  7. congratz!!!


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